Key Services

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Human centred design


You may have an idea, a design, a prototype, or a completed product, but need some help concerning the user experience and/or usability. As human factors professionals we can help to ensure your product excels in its usability and user experience. Whether it be finding out what makes your users tick (and what makes them lose the plot…), conducting user testing in the field to reveal difficulties users are having with your product, or running benchmarking through summative usability tests, we are well-equipped to provide you with the expertise you need.




Organisations are committed to ensuring that critical business functions will be available to customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities. Risk management is most applicable to those activities performed daily to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability. hfex has the expertise to help you identify the weak links in your business that are most at risk and help provide tangible and realistic solutions. This will allow you to make sure that critical business functions are kept available to your customers, suppliers, and regulator​s.

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Workload & Decision Making

With the rapid onset of increasingly complex systems, IoT (Internet of Things), and increasing workload, we now find that any employee in any industry may find themselves in a position where they have to make key decisions with limited information. As a result, human error often ensues due to unclear or incomplete information hindering decision-making. Our team have the technical expertise to identify the aspects in your organisation that may hinder situational awareness and what your workforce requires to make the right decisions at the right time. We can help to ensure that your company does not have error-producing landmines lying dormant just waiting for your workforce to step on them.​


Project Testing


Organisations are continuously striving to become more efficient at what they do and to be able to mobilise and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. Often such changes have a habit of developing many error-producing conditions that are dormant until someone makes a mistake. Sometimes processes or procedures are developed or improved, and it is unclear how usable they are until it is too late. hfex can provide a quality audit and assessment service to analyse the human factors / ergonomics impacts of any major forthcoming change, or even current systems if they have already been deployed, within your organisation.

Human Error


Making your teams resilient ensures they have the best ability to manage a dynamic workplace. Resilience engineering focuses on the business as a whole working system rather than tabulating and calculating individual risk elements. This approach is designed to focus on how adaptable an organisation needs to be in the face of adversity. As noted on the Resilience Engineering Association website - "Success has been ascribed to the ability of groups, individuals, and organisations to anticipate the changing shape of risk before damage occurs; failure is simply the temporary or permanent absence of that." Utilising the skills of and personal training from some of the world's leaders in resilience engineering, we can help you to understand the threats in your workplace and the opportunities for developing a resilient workplace.


Human Factors Training

Want to know more about human error, why it happens and how to prevent it? Does your current training programme require a little more user friendliness? We can tailor training to meet the needs of your organisation and your people. We can also conduct a quick human factors assessment of your company's training strategy to ensure that transfer of skills from the classroom to the workplace is maximised.​


Fatigue, Health and Wellbeing


Many people thrive in the workplace - some struggle. Whilst this may sometimes be the result of a poor career choice on the part of the employee, some organisations are keen to protect their people. With the drive to deliver and perform in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced market, it is not surprising that you may need your team to step up but you don't want to drive them into the ground. With our experience assisting local government with mental health support, fatigue risk management, and work stress, we can help you understand and reduce risk or issues associated with worker health and wellbeing.


By applying human factors principles to your business, accidents and problems can be prevented, processes enhanced, and efficiency increased.

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