About us


Our purpose is to deliver solution-focused results based on the study of human behaviour.​ Our aim is to ensure your people work as safely and efficiently as possible.

hfex is a leading human factors consultancy. Our team of experts help to ensure you and your workforce operate as safely and efficiently as possible by analysing the behaviour, thinking, and physical limitations of the worker.


Utilising the latest knowledge of the human factor, we assess all aspects of project delivery and operational improvements. We ensure your requirements, your designs, your builds, and your operations consider the end-user, whilst adhering to regulations and standards. We help you meet the needs of your customers and end-users by conducting robust human factors analysis and testing.

Our team

hfex comprises industry-leading consultants, skilled in organisational challenges associated with physical, organisational, cognitive, and neuroscientific human factors.

Our team of human factors experts will work with you to provide a range of services, utilising well-researched tools to understand your challenges and help you develop and implement solutions to ensure your workforce works as efficiently and safely as possible.